The Monero Exchange
Instantly exchange coins using Monero's proven anonymity.
Welcome to
We are a trusted instant exchange platform online operating from Hong Kong which requires no user identification (KYC) or user registration with over 100,000 completed coin shifts. does not provide you a permanent wallet and does not hold any user funds on our servers. Because of this, your funds are always safe and secure during the automatic exchange process.
You can convert Bitcoin or other listed cryptocurrencies to receive back fresh mined Monero (XMR). You may also do a reverse swap by sending Monero and receive fresh clean Bitcoin (BTC) or other listed cryptocurrencies.
Our process is simple as:
1) You select the amount & coin swap. (ie: BTC to XMR)
2) You provide your receiving wallet address for the coin selected.
3) You copy & save your unique tracking URL provided.
4) You send the coin to the on-screen wallet displayed.
5) The system waits for 2 network confirmations on the Blockchain.
6) The system automatically sends your new coins.
7) Once your new coins arrive, logs can be fully erased. is the future of Bitcoin Mixing and Cryptocurrency Exchanging. You no longer have to pay outrageous fees and receive other user's dirty coins from other potential honey pot tumbling websites. has a 100% guarantee the new coins you receive from our system are clean and will pass any taint analysis. All coins are sourced directly from miners or originate from popular exchange hot wallets.
Security of
Because our website does not hold user's coins, your funds are 100% guaranteed safe and secure from hackers or being lost. All coin swaps are instant and completed automatically within a few Blocchain confirmations, or typically 10-20 minutes depending on the coin.
Untraceable Coin Swapping
Monero was built with privacy in mind and obfuscates all wallet addresses and hides the transaction amounts. For additional security, once you receive your new coins provides a Secure-Transaction-Shredder to permamently wipe all logs from inside our server & backup server. If you forget to use the shredder, transactions are automatically erased after 48 hours.
Anti KYC Policy
The majority of cryptocurrency exchanges have a Know Your Customer Policy and collect very personal documents such as drivers license and passport copies. If you fail to comply, the exchanges often hold your funds hostage and lock them. The reality is many of these documents have been stolen in the past. will never lock your cryptocurrency and requires no submission of documents. To prevent terroism and money laundering, we may set maximum limits that can be exchanged per each transaction and will clearly be displayed. Additional information with full disclosures can be found inside the Privacy Policy.
Many Coins Supported supports the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple. You may send any of these coins and receive clean Monero back minus a very small fee from each transaction. The system also supports backward compatibility which allows you to receive clean BTC, BCH, DASH, ETH, LTC, and XRP by sending in XMR. All coin that is sent to your supplied wallet address is freshly mined with no taint analysis or flagged on a blacklist. Unlike Bitcoin Mixers & BTC Tumblers, our system never sends you back other user's dirty coins. After using our exchange once, we are confident that you will never have to trust another shady BTC Mixer website again.