XMR.co Beginner Guide to Exchanging & Mixing
The process of exchanging or mixing your coins is very easy. It is estimated it will take less than 30 minutes of your time to learn.

Getting Started

You will need to decide on what cryptocurrency pattern you wish to exchange or mix. The possibilities are as followed:
  • BTC to XMR
  • BCH to XMR
  • DASH to XMR
  • ETH to XMR
  • LTC to XMR
  • XMR to BTC
  • XMR to BCH
  • XMR to DASH
  • XMR to ETH
  • XMR to LTC
  • If your goal is to end up with the same cryptocurrency such as dirty bitcoin -> new untraceable bitcoin, you will still need to first convert it temporary into Monero through our system to facilitate this. You can then safely convert the Monero back into fresh unlinked Bitcoin to a new BTC wallet address you provide.

    Step 1) Prepare a second wallet

    So you have some bitcoin you do not want linked to you? You will need to a get a Monero wallet if you do not already have one. The same goes for any other cryptocurrency you are trying to clean. Below is a list of recommended safe wallets that have been tested for each cryptocurrency which include both on-line quick web wallet and a software wallet.

    When converting any cryptocurrency into Monero
    You can get an instant Monero (XMR) wallet online at https://wallet.mymonero.com or download a software wallet at https://www.getmonero.org/downloads

    When converting Monero into Bitcoin
    You can get an instant Bitcoin (BTC) wallet online at https://www.blockchain.com/wallet or download a software wallet at https://electrum.org/#download

    When converting Monero into Bitcoin Cash
    You can get an instant Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet online at https://www.blockchain.com/wallet or download a software wallet at https://electroncash.org

    When converting Monero into DASH
    You can get an instant Dash wallet online at https://mydashwallet.org or download a software wallet at https://www.dash.org/downloads

    When converting Monero into Ethereum (ETH)
    You can get an instant Ethereum online at https://myetherwallet.com or download a software wallet at https://trustwallet.com/ethereum-wallet

    When converting Monero into Litecoin (LTC)
    You can get an instant Ethereum online at https://litevault.net or download a software wallet at https://electrum-ltc.org

    For a universal software wallet which includes every cryptocurrency for MacOSX, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android we recommend https://atomicwallet.io.

    Step 2) Create a transaction through our exchange

    After you have your second wallet ready, open up an instant trade here. There are two options provided to you for calculating the exchange rate. Option 1 calculator, you can specify the act amount of the coin you wish to convert. With the Option 2 calculator, you can specify exactly how much of the new coin you know how much to send.

    Step 3) Confirming the rate is OK

    After you proceed to the next screen, you will be given a displayed rate for the coins you selected. This is your opportunity to review it and ensure you are satisfied with the exchange pricing before actually making the conversion.

    If you wish to continue with the transaction, you will enter your receiving coin wallet address along with an optional emergency refund wallet address. In the unlikely event something goes wrong, your coins will be refunded to your refund wallet address. If you did not provide one, the coins will be sent to the wallet address of your initial deposit.

    Step 4) Making the exchange & deposit

    On the final screen, you are given a transaction ID and URL. Please save this before making any deposit. This transaction ID is the only way to check in real time the status of your funds and to later manage & delete the logs instantly.

    Once you have saved the transaction ID, you will need to send your coins to the unique deposit address shown. You can copy and paste the address into your wallet or you can scan the QR code if your wallet supports the capability. Be sure to send the exact amount shown if you wish to receive the locked in exchange rate. If you make a mistake by undersending or overpaying, do not panic as the system will still process The system will automatically detect the error & convert the amount of coins you actually sent.

    After you send the coins to the unique deposit address shown, refresh the status screen after a minute and the system should have detected it and will begin processing your new coins.

    Step 5) Erasing Your Transaction Logs

    By default the transaction logs will self shred after 48 hours. However, you may delete them instantly after you confirm your new coins have erased. Just click the Erase Logs inside the transaction status page.


    Because we use Monero with every transaction, your trace is guaranteed to be unlimited. If you wish to receive your original currency back, you can make a new exchange using these same steps. Since the exchange charges a very small percent included in the rate, the new coins you receive back will be slightly less. Although no one likes fees, this is a good thing because you can not be traced on the Blockchain with identical matching amounts.

    If you need further help, contact us on Wickr Instant Messenger username "XMRCo"or you can E-mail help@xmr.co.