Frequently Asked Questions & Support
Looking for step by step instructions on exchanging XMR and mixing your bitcoins anonymously? Read the New Beginner's Guide
What is the Exchange?
We are a trusted instant exchange platform on-line operating outside normal jurisdictions which require no user identification (KYC) or user registration with over 100,000 completed coin shifts. does not provide you a permanent wallet and does not hold any user funds on our servers. Because of this, your funds are always safe and secure during the automatic exchange process. You can convert Bitcoin or other listed crypto-coins to receive back fresh mined Monero (XMR). You may also do a reverse swap by sending Monero and receive fresh clean Bitcoin (BTC) or other listed cryptocurrencies. charges a very small percent (usually 0.03% to 2%) of each transaction to help with operating costs. The rates are clearly displayed before you send funds in which you can choose to start or cancel it.

Where do the new coins originate from that are sent to me? has a 100% guarantee the new coins you receive from our system are clean and will pass any taint analysis. All coins are sourced directly from miners or originate from popular exchange hot wallets. We are the future of Bitcoin Mixing and Cryptocurrency Exchanging.

You no longer have to pay outrageous fees or use inadequate bitcoin mixing methods that other "bitcoin blenders" and "coin joining" websites use. You will NEVER receive your same coins back or other user's dirty coins that were sent into

What is the process for exchanging coins?
  • 1) You select the amount & coin swap (ie: BTC to XMR)
  • 2) You confirm the rate & provide your receiving wallet address for the coin selected
  • 3) You save your unique transaction ID to view the status in real time
  • 4) You send the coin to the temporary on-screen generated wallet displayed.
  • 5) The system waits for a few network confirmations on the Blockchain
  • 6) The system automatically sends your new coins.
  • 7) Once your new coins arrive, logs can be fully erased using your transaction ID
How can I really trust you will send me back new exchanged clean coins?
We get it. Since the beginning of Bitcoin, there have been countless amounts of scams and websites disappearing or set up to steal user's cryptocurrency. It is always recommended you first test our exchange with the minimum amount required that is displayed to ensure the transaction goes smoothly and the new coins are deposited into your wallet automatically. has done over 100k swaps, has countless reviews, and responds to all E-mails and Wickr Instant Messenger. Once your new coins arrive from our exchange, you can use the coin's blockchain to see there is no blacklisted or tainted coins. For example if you are exchanging Monero to Bitcoin, you can enter your receiving address on and follow where the coins arrived from.

All coins are always 100% anonymous and clean with absolustely no trace back to you.

What are the limits? Do I have to upload my personal information?
Every coin has it's own set minimum & maximum limit that is displayed during the beginning of creating an exchange for you to accept to. Because we always want new users to test our system and ensure they are comfortable with the process, the minimum amount to swap is typically around €20. We also have maximum limits set to ensure the system always have funds on-hand to automatically send your new exchanged coins without any delay. The maximum limits for each transaction are also imposed to prevent money laundering and terrorism.

You will never be required to upload any photo ID, passport, selfie, or other document that would identify yourself. was founded of the principle that cryptocurrency should be anonymous and decentralized. Many exchanges today are being hacked with user's information stolen. We firmly believe that websites and exchanges that require documentation do not solve crimes.