XMR.co Privacy Policy
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Monero keeps you private. We keep you private.

Privacy is a fundamental human right recognized in the International Convenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR)

Our Website URLs

Our XMR Exchange is ONLY located at the two website addresses below:
Clearnet URL: https://xmr.co
Onion Deepweb URL: http://moneroc64im4g5cy.onion
Any other website is fake, an impostor, clone, honeypot or trap, and should be considered dangerous.

Report all malicious websites to help@xmr.co for investigation.

Information we collect when you first visit XMR Exchange website

When accessing the clearnet URL, our web server automatically collects your IP address by default. This is to protect the website against DDOS and block malicious attacks. The IP address is not associated with any exchanges or attached to your cryptocurrency trades. The IP address stays in our system logs for a period of 48 hours. It is recommended to use a VPN, Proxy, or access our exchange via the Onion Deepweb URL on TOR Browser if you wish to avoid any IP address or browsing history tracks.

Information we collect when you open a trade/coin swap

When you create an instant trade through our website, some information is temporary stored in a server database for 48 hours unless you use the Shredder tool to force an immediate wipe.

Upon opening a trade the following information is stored temporary:

  • The two cryptocurrencies you are exchanging (ie: BTC to XMR)
  • The time, date, and exchange rate provided to you
  • The wallet address you want your new coins deposited to
  • A generated transaction ID that is created for you to view the status of your transaction and manage your trade
  • Your emergency refund wallet address (if you provided one) and the payment ID/payment tag (if you provided one)
  • A temporary deposit wallet address attached to your transaction ID that is used for you to deposit your inital coins in
  • No KYC (Know Your Customer) Exchange Policy

    Our exchange and website was built with privacy in mind. It is purposefully kept very minimal with no JavaScript or malicious tracking utilities. We follow the original vision of BItcoin with decentralized control as opposed to centralized digital currency and central banking systems.

    Unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges and services, we will NEVER ask for your name, E-mail address, photo identification, passport, utility bills, a selfie, your bank information, or any other possible identifying documentation. Our exchange will never hold your funds and guarantees your transaction will go through smoothly, automatic, and instantly after being Blockchain confirmed provided that you follow the minimum and maximum deposit limits.

    Limits per each transaction

    For your coin trade to process automatically, it is important to follow the displayed minimum amount and maximum amounts. These limits are set individually for each coin pattern (such as BTC to XMR, XMR to DASH, etc) and are based on demand, rates, availability, and to prevent money-laundering & terrorism. Failure to deposit the minimum amount, may result in your transaction being stalled. To push it through the system, you can deposit the remaining amount. Additionally, if the transaction times out the funds will be sent back automatically to your emergency refund wallet address if provided or else the initial wallet address of the sender. You may also E-mail help@xmr.co for assistance or contact us live on the Wickr secure instant messenger with username XMRCo.

    Log Retention Period & Shredder Tool

    Once you create a transaction you are provided a transaction ID. Consider this a secure password and do not share it. You can view your trade's status in real time and use the erase logs feature.

    By default transactions & data are automatically shredded in 48 hours whether you complete the exchange or not. However, once you verify you have received your new coins it is recommended to instantly erase the logs for added privacy.

    Once the logs are deleted, there is absolutely no assistance with your transaction. Because all trades are virtually instant and automatic, it is unlikely you will ever require any help from support.

    Links to external sites

    Through out our website we provide URLs that you may find valuable such as the TOR Project website, Wickr download link, and Blockchain ledgers for each coin. We always urge you to use additional caution when visiting any external website.

    We have no control over, and can assume no responsibility for the content or privacy practices of any third party sites or products.

    Privacy Policy modifications

    It is unlikely that we will modify our privacy policy much in the future. The date of last modification can be found at the bottom of this page. If you are a regular user of our service, it is recommended to check to make sure the date has not changed since your last visit.

    Official communication channels & PGP Key

    We only have two forms of official support. Any other website claiming to be us, should be considered as an imposter. Our E-mail address is help@xmr.co and Wickr Encrypted messenger username is: XMRCo.

    You may use the PGP Key to encrypt sensitive information and receive signed messages from us to verify our identity.

    Version: BCPG v1.47