Manage Existing Transaction

Enter Exchange ID Number

After I create an exchange, where is my transaction ID?

Sorry! You were warned to save the number or URL on the confirmation screen.

If you have not yet sent coins into the sytem, simply create a new transaction and the old one will automatically delee within 48 hours.

If you have sent coins into the system but did not save the transaction ID, the coins should automatically be exchanged and sent to your wallet. Please wait around 10 to 60 minutes for network confirmations. If after this time, check the refund wallet address you provided.

If you lost your transaction ID and have not received your coins after 1 hour, contact support immediately. Time is of the essence. We may be able to locate your coins if you tell us the specific time & amount you made a deposit. After 48 hours, it is impossible as all logs and transaction information is destroyed.

Lastly, if you manually deleted your transaction number inside the management panel, there is no way to recover any record.